Goat yoga at Sharon hill Farm

We hold 60 minute goat yoga classes on the farm a couple Saturdays a month, spring through fall. These classes are taught from a beginner level, and pose modifications are given as appropriate. If you have ever thought about trying yoga, there is no way more welcoming than by taking a class with goats! We use Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Fainting goats for class. Both of these breeds are very friendly and sweet. The Nigerian Dwarf goats are known for being very inquisitive, and they love to jump. The Fainting goats are more relaxed, and will most likely hang out and cuddle on your mat with you. If you are interested in taking a class, see our events page or use this link to sign up:


group events

We will happily book group events for dates/times not scheduled for a goat yoga class at the farm. We can hold your group event in the barn at our farm, or we can bring the goats to you! Please call or email for more details; we will work with you to accommodate most situations.