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established in 2016

Sharon Hill Farm is located in York County, South Carolina. We started as a two-family owned farm in 2016: Matt and Gina Decker in Sharon, SC and Chase and Kristen Reinhardt in Rock Hill, SC.  We combined the names of our towns to create our farm name.  

Our farm tagline is 'Back to Basics' which to us means raising our animals in the most natural or 'basic' way possible.  Our cattle are grass-fed and our chickens are outside eating grass and insects as soon as they have feathers and can comfortably live on pasture.  We truly believe that creating the best possible quality of life for our animals creates a healthier and tastier product for us!

Today, Sharon Hill Farm is owned and managed by Matt and Gina Decker and continues to raise pastured broiler chickens, turkeys, and laying hens as well as a small herd of beef cattle. In 2018 we added seven Nigerian Dwarf goats (six female and one male) as well as two male Fainting goats to expand our Agritourism offerings with goat yoga a few Saturdays a month. Please see our Events page for upcoming dates.